Sunday, January 30, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - 1/31/11

Wow, I had a very productive week! We had a snow storm come through, which was fantastic: It meant school was cancelled, so I could get some work done around here! (Can we say tackling the massive pile of laundry that needed to be folded?) I had been doing pretty well with my menu planning, but I kept thinking it could be easier. So I have now switched to a monthly menu plan! I spent my night off of school planning my next menu, and I'm pretty happy with the results.

I printed out a calendar for February and began assigning "theme" nights. I figured it would make things a bit easier for me this first time. I then printed/photocopied all of the recipes and placed them into a 3 ring binder in order for easy reference.

So here's the dinner theme breakdown for February:

Sundays: Something New/Mom's choice
*Mondays: Italian Night
Tuesdays: Asian/Stir-Fry Night
*Wednesdays: Soup/Crock Pot Night
Thursdays: Mexican Night
*Fridays: Pizza Night
Saturdays: Leftovers/Y.O.Y.O. (You're on you're own)

*(School Nights)

I'm also going to set up a weekly breakfast list: (Each day is accompanied by fruit)
Sunday: Leftover Waffles/Pancakes from earlier in the week
Monday: Smoothies, Parfaits orMuffins
Tuesday: Waffles
Wednesday: Veggie Omelets & Sausage
Thursday: Shirred Eggs
Friday: Pancakes
Saturday: French Toast

So, here is the lineup for this week's Dinners:

Sunday: 30 minute One Pan Chicken Meal

Monday: Spinach Stuffed Shells

Tuesday: Asian Beef and Veggie Quinoa Bowl

Wednesday: Simple, Hearty, Chicken and Rice Soup

Thursday: Nachos

Friday: Stromboli

Now that the plan is in place, all I have to do is follow it... now let's see how THAT goes!

For more menu plan ideas head over to Org Junkie's site.

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