Monday, January 17, 2011

Menu Plan - Week of 1/17

So, here's my first Menu Plan Monday!

As a culinary student, I've learned to try and avoid all "processed" or "prepackaged" foods and cook as much from scratch. I'm also trying to work on our family's "real food" conversion, so I'm trying to focus on more whole foods and "nourishing traditions" types of meal preparations.

 In the upcoming weeks/months, I will start posting recipes (they'll be more like "methods") for the dishes I make. I don't cook with a whole ton of measurements, but I'll do my best to relay what I'm doing for you all!
This week up on the dinner menu:

-Roasted Poblano & Chicken Sausage Quesadillas
-*Beer & Beef Stew
-BBQ Chicken (I use a Chiavetta's marinade for my BBQ chicken. I haven't found a recipe for one that I like yet, and Chiavetta's doesn't have any MSG or HFCS, which I appreciate. PLUS, it's a WNY thing, so it reminds me of home :) )
-*Crab Macaroni & Cheese
-*Shrimp Salad over Greens
-Pasta and Sausage Skillet
(*make ahead items)
I leave one day for leftovers, as we usually don't eat everything in a meal.

I don't like to schedule specific days for meals, as I tend to change my mind A LOT, so I leave it up to whatever I feel like at the moment. The only days I have specific meals picked out are the nights I'm in school. It's either got to be a crock-pot item or something I can make ahead and just stick in the oven for my husband to pull out at dinnertime.
This week's "school-night" meals are the Crab Mac & Cheese (make ahead and just  bake off right before eating), the Shrimp Salad and Beef Stew.

If I can find my camera soon, I'll post some recipes/pictures this week!

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  1. Great Menu Plan!! I would love to get the recipe for the Crab Macaroni & Cheese!

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  2. Kira,
    Thanks for stopping by! I'll definitely be posting that recipe - I learned it from one of the Chef's at school, and it's my FAVORITE!