Friday, May 14, 2010

The diaper scheme...

So, I just have to say I am blessed with a husband who is willing to go along with all of my seemingly random money-saving schemes. We recently (this week) made the switch to cloth diapers. I am in LOVE with my diapers. They are so cute and soft, and not nearly as hard to take care of as I would have thought. My grandmother tells stories of cloth diapering her kids back before she had a washing machine - It's amazing just how far we've come!

My husband, on the other hand, is very much put off by the 'eew' factor that cloth diapering has. But I've found 2 things. 1 - changing a cloth diaper isn't really all that more gross than changing a disposable. And if you've ever potty trained a kid - it's LESS gross than that!
2 - to get him on the bandwagon I've bribed him, just a bit. By setting aside the money we WOULD have spent on disposables, we'll be able to take a pretty sweet vacation at the end! I think that was the main selling point for him. That, and me offering to do the diaper laundry. :)

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